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Child and Adolescent Life Program
part of Family Support Services

The Child Life Specialist facilitates coping and the adjustment of children and families to the transplant unit by providing play experiences, presenting information about events and procedures, and establishing supportive relationships with children and parents which encourage family involvement in each child’s medical care.

Prior to admission to the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit the Child Life Specialist meets with each patient and family. At this time the Child Life Specialist identifies coping styles and strategies, support systems and the patient’s interests (music, crafts, games, etc.). The Child Life Specialist will use this information to develop a plan to: normalize the patient’s time on the unit through expressive and developmentally appropriate activities; to facilitate coping and relaxation; to provide medical education and procedural support; and to provide emotional support to the patient’s family.

The Child Life Specialist is also available to provide support to the siblings of the patients on the transplant unit. A special time can be arranged with the sibling and Child Life Specialist to provide opportunities for self expression, preparation for tests and procedures, and emotional support. This can be a one time meeting or as often as once a week, depending upon the interest of the caregivers and the needs of the sibling

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