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Inpatient Unit

The Pediatric BMT Inpatient Unit is a 16-bed state-of-the-art protective isolation/pediatric intensive care unit  in Duke Hospital. The unit features a rigorous system of infection control procedures for its patients. 

All entryways to the unit have air locks to ensure protective isolation.

Hand-washing prior to entering the bone marrow unit is a must in preventing infection.

The Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) is responsible for secretarial duties on the unit. They are available to answer your questions regarding the operations of our unit and the hospital.

There are 8 beds in each hallway and there are two hallways.

Every room has a positive-pressure air system with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to provide an isolation environment.

The rooms accommodate both the pediatric patient and her/his parents or caregiver. Each patient room has a pull-down bed so one parent/caregiver can room  with her/his child. 

 Rooms are designed to provide protective isolation and to deliver intensive care support, if necessary.

Each room has a regular hospital bed or a crib, depending on the needs of the child.

Each room is also equipped with a refrigerator, TV, VCR and computerized game system.

Each room also has a full bath and shower used solely for the patient. The parent/caregiver is required to use the designated bathroom/shower area in the family lounge.

The family lounge is a multi-purpose area which allows parent/caregiver to have meals and to attend parent support group meetings. It also serves as the home base for the CellMates Support Group

The family lounge is stocked with toys, games, riding toys, a stationary bicycle, craft supplies, videos, books and Genesis games.

It is also equipped with a computer, parent lockers, a refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, TV, VCR, washer, dryer, bathroom and parental shower facilities.

Nurses retrieve patient's medicine from the state of the art Pyxis computerized medication storage unit.

Located on the unit is the Bone Marrow Outpatient Procedure (BOPP) room.

The BOPP room serves as an after hours clinic for patients during both pre and post-transplant.

A call room provides sleeping facilities for physicians staying over night.

To provide patient confidentiality, there is a work room where the PBMT team meets for patient rounds. 


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