Breast Cancer Prevention Clinic

What does a prevention visit involve?

Most women will have a preventive consultation prior to participating in the fine needle aspiration study or a clinical trial.  As a part of your consultation visit, you will meet with Dr. Victoria Seewaldt and other team members.  As a new patient, we will ask you to complete a personal health history and risk questionnaire and a detailed family history form. 

Your prevention clinic visit may include:

  • Clinical breast exam
  • Personal risk assessment
  • Answers to your questions about: screening options and frequency of follow-up care, use of hormone replacement therapy and alternatives, preventive surgery, chemopreventive drugs (tamoxifen, for example)
  • Genetic testing/counseling
  • Screening mammogram

Follow-up prevention consultations

For a woman already in the program who wishes to have a follow-up clinic appointment, we provide the following services, which are billed to you or your insurance company:

  • Yearly mammograms and clinical breast exams
  • Evaluation of breast problems
  • Discussion of abnormal results from a biopsy, mammogram or other breast radiology test, or atypical results from a fine needle aspiration
  • Discussion of change in hormone status and hormone replacement therapy or other options for management of menopausal symptoms
  • Discussion of preventive options
  • Discussion of family history and genetic testing when applicable


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