Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May I participate in the study?

  • Participation is by invitation only.

Who funds this research study?

  • The study is funded by the National Cancer Institute based on rigorous scientific review.

How are women selected to be in the study?

  • AACES includes both women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and women who have 
    never had this disease.
  • Women with ovarian cancer are identified through state or hospital cancer registries, or hospital facilities that treat ovarian cancer.
    • Cancer registries collect information about the occurrence of cancer, including types of cancer diagnosed and how they are treated.
    • All states require that cases of cancer be reported to the state cancer registry.
    • Cancer registries work with approved studies (like AACES) that are working to understand and control cancer.
    • After the study team receives a woman’s name from the cancer registry, her doctor is sent a letter to let him/her know about the study and that the woman would be asked to participate.
  • Women without ovarian cancer are randomly selected from the general population.
    • Phone numbers are selected at random from the same states where the women with ovarian cancer are identified.
    • Selecting women at random helps the study team obtain a group of women who represent the general population of African American women.

What will women be asked to do?

  • Complete a telephone interview
    Women will be asked questions about their medical and family history and some of their everyday activities and experiences.
  • Complete a diet survey 
    Women will be asked to complete a diet survey about the foods they usually eat. A survey will be sent to them by mail and they will be asked to fill it out and mail it in.
  • Give a small blood sample (2 tablespoons)
    To obtain the sample, we will arrange for a technician to come to their house or meet them at another place that works best for them. If they are unable to give a small blood sample, we will collect saliva.

How long will it take?

  • Telephone interview
    The telephone interview will take about 60 minutes to complete. Women have the option of completing the interview in smaller blocks of time.
  • Diet survey
    The diet survey will take about 30-40 minutes to complete. Someone from the study team will help women fill out the survey if needed.
  • Home visit for the blood sample
    The home visit will take about 30 minutes.

Are women in the study asked to take any medications?

  • No. The study involves no medications.

Will the women’s information be kept confidential?

  • All of the information the study team obtains from women during the study will be kept confidential. 
    Our study team takes great care to make sure that the women’s study information stays private.