Pathfinders Overview

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DCCRP has partnered with Pathfinders, a national organization, to advance an innovative and promising model of comprehensive psychosocial care for cancer patients.
Cancer patients must navigate the challenging, confusing, and often lonely path from diagnosis to treatment to resolution. The Pathfinders program is designed to address the mind, body and spiritual needs of each individual patient. Patients are matched with a Pathfinder, a trained professional with an advanced degree in social work, family counseling or therapy. These Pathfinders serve as advocates for patients within the Duke University Medical System, providing unbiased guidance on:

  • Complementary medicine
  • Self-care
  • Mind-body techniques
  • End-of-life planning
  • Spiritual connectivity

With the help of their Pathfinder, patients become knowledgeable about the available resources at Duke and in their home community which are important to their recovery.  

Pathfinders are integral members of the patient’s cancer treatment team, joining with the oncologist, nurses, and others to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality medical and nursing care, and that his or her emotional, family, and spiritual needs are met. At the conclusion of their cancer treatment, patients are informed and skilled to cope with future challenges. Moreover, their families are prepared to support their loved one’s personal recovery and transition to survivorship.

If you are interested in Pathfinders Training for Cancer Patients and/or Caregivers at Duke please contact Tina Staley or visit the Pathfinders National website.


Tina Staley, LCSW, Director
Duke University Medical Center
Morris Building Rm. 15118A
Box 2606
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 681-5464