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The Blobe Lab researches signal transduction pathways and the tumor microenvironment to develop novel insights into treating cancer. Our lab's research in the TGF-β superfamily signaling field has focused on defining mechanisms for the dichotomous tumor suppressor/tumor promoter role of these pathways in human cancers. Our laboratory has concentrated on two related and conserved TGF-β superfamily co-receptors, the type III TGF-β receptor, TβRIII, and endoglin. The lab's prior studies have defined TβRIII and endoglin as critical mediators/regulators of TGF-β superfamily signaling, including defining novel roles for their conserved cytoplasmic domains in interacting with scaffolding proteins to regulate the expression, internalization and signaling of associated receptors. These studies have further defined a novel role for TβRIII as a suppressor of cancer progression in a broad spectrum of human cancers. The lab is currently investigating the role of TβRIII and shed soluble TβRIII in regulating the tumor immune microenvironment. The long-term goal of these studies is to improve our ability to target co-receptors and their signaling pathways as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets in human cancers.

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If you are interested in funding the cancer research being done in the Blobe Lab at the Duke Cancer Institute, please contact the Development Office of the Duke Cancer Institute at (919) 385-3124.

Postdoctoral position open:
Currently seeking a post-doc to pursue NIH funded projects in the laboratory. The competitive applicant will have proven research ability and productivity. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree, familiarity with biochemical and molecular biological techniques; be goal-oriented, an innovative thinker and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Applicants should email their cover letter, CV and name/email address/relationship of three references with whom they have worked to: