Pro00019545: Neurocog pts receiving Bevacizumab

Clinical Trials for Adults | Functional and Neurocognitive Profile of Patients Receiving Bevacizumab Containing Treatment Regimens for Glioblastoma Multiforme

Primary Objective 
To examine functional and neurocognitive profile of gliolblastoma patients receiving bevacizumab-containing treatment regimens. This study will provide initial insight into the relative long-term impact of bevacizumab on functional and neurocognitive outcomes in GBM patients.

Secondary Objectives

  • to examine the cardiac and skeletal muscle function in GBM patients receiving bevacizumab-containing regimens
  • to examine the association between functional and neurocognitive profiles and patient-reported measures of quality of life in GBM patients on bevazicumab-containing regimens. 

Inclusion Criteria

  • written informed consent prior to beginning specific protocol procedures
  • histologically proven glioblastoma
  • completion of 6 months of adjuvant chemotherapy utilizing Bevacizumab containing regimen or completion of 6 months of adjuvant standard of care
  • >18 years and <70 years of age
  • Karnofsky performance index >70%
  • no documented cardiac or pulmonary disease
  • no contraindications to exercise testing
  • primary treating physician approval.

This article comes from The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke
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