The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke

Hope Ė The Defining Word

 Terri Jones quilt Square

Above square by Terri Jones, age 13

"At Duke there is Hope" óthatís the motto of The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke. Imprinted on our letterhead, on T-shirts, notebooks, and tote bags, hope is the defining word for our program.

Yet hope is not simple to define. It represents not only a way of thinking or feeling about the future, but also a way of responding to circumstances in the present. It changes as situations and expectations change. Like a quilt, hope may be made from many different patches, and pieced together into distinct patterns that keep you warm and comfortable when itís dark and cold.

Here, you can see hopeís face and hear hopeís voice in stories and pictures of some of our patients, their families, and the professionals at Duke who care for them.

Our "Hope Is..." quilt squares were designed by survivors of childhood brain tumors who are followed in our Pediatric Off Therapy Clinic. The quilt is on display in the Brain Tumor Learning Center at Duke.

Quilt Square

Quilt square by Kalee Bertha, age 10

Quilt Square

Quilt square by Trey Honse, age 10

Quilt Square

Quilt square by Christina Seago, age 16

Quilt Square

Quilt square by Josh Hodges, age 12

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Hopeful Resources



Maintaining hope is not always easy. In times of crisis, you may need extra support and encouragement from your family, your health care team, and other survivors of brain tumors. Here are some resources that may help you maintain a positive outlook.