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Faces of Hope | Kathy McCune

Kathy McCune

Photograph by Ellen L. Ozier

My name is Kathy McCune. On May 26, 1999, I was diagnosed with a level III anaplastic astrocytoma. My first doctor gave me 18 months to live. I have had two surgeries, one awake with Dr. Allan, 32 rounds of radiation, and 8 rounds of chemotherapy. And I am now off Tamoxifin. Dr. Allan got a total resection of my tumor. Dr. Henry was the one who chose my radiation and chemotherapy route. Both men were key to my recovery. And since then I am now normal and back to a great life.

When I think of hope, I think first of my husband, Scott, and how he fought to find me a way to live. He showed me how much he loved me through this. Second, I think of my children, Katie and Jake, and the promise of an exciting future with them. I think of Duke who has a phenomenal team who will always do what is best for you as their patient.

One year later...

I am totally enjoying life with Scott and my kids, Katie and Jake. Dr. Henry and Dr. Allan continue to perform above my expectations. They always take time to ask about your home life as well as your health. I have talked several people into going to Duke and they all agree; it is an incredible team effort! Dr. Henry and Dr. Allan and everyone on their staffs will do anything that is the best course for you and your fight with cancer!

—Kathy McCune


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