The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke

Faces of Hope | Amy Cieri 

Amy Cieri

Photograph by Ellen L. Ozier

My name is Amy. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July 1992. I have had 2 biopsies, a brain mapping, surgery, Peacock Radiation and chemotherapy for almost 2 years. Hope to me is to continue to wake up every morning and to be there for my 6 year-old daughter and husband. Hope is to pursue interests in life other than my own health. I hope for more and better treatments to be available soon to cure or at least prolong my life and those similarly affected.

One year later...

This is my second year on the Wall of Hope. It is also 10 years since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Every day of my life is still treasured. Every special occasion that I live to see is a thrill beyond words. This past year, 32 years after most Jewish girls have a Bat Mitzvah, I had mine! It was something I wanted to do for many years and I finally did it. Other than that my life has not changed much since last year. That is truly a miracle! The very fact that I am still alive and functioning gives me hope that perhaps I will be back on the Wall of Hope next year.

I still pray for a cure for myself and others like me. Each year that I survive fuels the hope that there will be a cure, or at least an effective treatment, for brain tumors. With real life angels like Henry Friedman and Co., I believe hope will someday become a reality.

—Amy Cieri


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