Gordana Vlahovic


Gordana Vlahovic, MD

Gordana Vlahovic,  MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

Duke University Medical Center
DUMC Box 3624
Durham, NC  27710
Tel: (919) 681-4047
Fax: (919) 684-6674

Dr. Vlahovic completed her residency and fellowship at Duke University Medical Center and completed her Masters Degree in Health Sciences in Clinical Research at Duke University School of Medicine. She is an active researcher with a special interest in the design and implementation of clinical trials. Her work includes studding, in the preclinical and clinical setting,  the new cancer targets and tumor targeting molecular therapeutics that subsequently can be translated in the new clinical trials. Her interest lies in tumor biology including but not limited to tumor oxygenation and angiogenesis, and tumor resistance to antiangiognenic agent for patients with cancer. She is actively involved in clinical trials using novel targeted therapeutics and immunotherapy. 

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