Allan Friedman

Allan Friedman, MD
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Allan H. Friedman, MD

—The Guy L. Odom Professor of Neurological Surgery
—Deputy Director, The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke 

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“Malignant brain tumors have ruined the lives of many healthy, vibrant members of our society. We are translating research into successful new treatments —the odds are in our favor for major achievement and long-term answers.”

Allan H. Friedman, MD, is an internationally recognized tumor and vascular neurosurgeon. He has a career-long interest in neuro-oncology, is responsible for over ninety percent of all tumor resections and biopsies conducted at Duke, and has written hundreds of articles on the neurosurgical management of brain tumors and vascular lesions. He is head of the Laboratory of Neurosurgical Oncology and an Associate Chief of the Preuss Laboratory for Brain Tumor Research.

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