The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke

Hopeful Resources

Keep a Hope Journal

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) publishes a booklet and workbook, You Have the Right to Be Hopeful. The booklet is designed to help persons with cancer understand and use hope effectively, and contains worksheets on understanding the role of hope in your life and for keeping a hope journal. Single copies are available for $5.00 each through NCCS, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 505, Silver Spring, MD 20910; phone 301-650-8868; fax 301-565-9670.

Discover Communities of Hope

You can gather strength, ideas and knowledge from others who have been where you are. Support groups at Duke meet monthly on the first Wednesday from 3–4 pm. Call 919-681-1890 for more information. You can join in the interactive discussion group on the Internet. Known as BRAINTMR, the Brain Tumor Mailing List is a global forum that allows more than 1,000 people from many countries to share information, experiences, and most importantly, encouragement. To subscribe, call 617-623-0066, or send an e-mail message to: The text of the message should read: Subscribe braintmr your name. Many websites about hope (see offer ideas about healing and hope.

Visit Cornucopia House

Learn ways you can affect the quality of how you live your life. Minutes away from Duke University Medical Center, Cornucopia House Cancer Support Center is a community based center providing free complementary support services to cancer patients, family members and extended support systems. Relaxation, visualization, yoga, compassionate touch, massage/bodywork, support groups, and educational forums are a few examples of programs and activities offered in an environment that focuses on nurturing hope. Call 919-967-8842 for information.

Join the Cause

Nurture your hope through involvement in the fight against brain tumors and the fight for the needs of patients with brain tumors and their families. You can help raise money needed to find a cure or to provide support and needed resources for patients and families. Call Ellen Stainback at 919-684-4784 for more information.

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Hopeful Resources



Maintaining hope is not always easy. In times of crisis, you may need extra support and encouragement from your family, your health care team, and other survivors of brain tumors. Here are some resources that may help you maintain a positive outlook.