Journey of Hope

The Journey of Hope

Photographs by Ellen L. Ozier

The following pictures depict the different steps patients with brain tumors and their families may take during their journey of hope. Our thanks go to Ellen L. Ozier, Photographer, for capturing these moments in time.

Members of the clinical team provide patient care in both the clinic and hospital settings.

Nurse Practitioner with Adult Patient Nurse Practitioner with Pediatric Patient

Each patientís clinic visit is overseen by one of the team physicians.

Physician with Adult Patient Physician with Pediatric Patient

(1) Chemotherapy is frequently delivered through an implanted venous catheter. (2) Patients and their families are active participants in their treatment plan.

Pediatric Patient Receiving Treatment Family looking at MRIs

(1) Pediatric patients receive their treatment in the Valvano Day Hospital at the McGovern-Davison Childrenís Health Center, here at Duke. (2) Patient education is an important component of every patientís treatment plan.

Day Treatment Room Patient Teaching

(1) Neuro-psychological assessment can be useful in identifying cognitive changes that frequently occur in brain tumor patients. (2) Radiation therapy is often a component of a brain tumor patientís treatment.

Neuropsychological Assessment Radiation Therapy

(1) Patients meet with members of our support staff who help with quality of life issues. (2) Neuro-imaging is vital in directing the management of a patientís treatment plan.

Patient with Social Worker PET Scan

Treatment of brain tumor patients is a team effort. 

At Duke there is hope.

Treatment is a team effort At Duke there is Hope

At Duke there is Hope

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