The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke

General Information | Finding a Neuropsychologist

At Duke: 

Duke Neuropsychologists Renee Dunn, Ph.D., who sees adult patients, and Melanie Bonner, Ph.D., who sees pediatric patients, can test a broad range of functions, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in brain functioning, and recommend adjustments to the home or work environment that can make a difference for you.

Adult patients call 919-684-1832

Pediatric Patients call 919-416-2443

In your home community: 

Clinical neuropsychologists may be difficult to find in some parts of the country. Check major medical centers in nearby locations. Your family practitioner or neurologist may be able to offer recommendations. 

About insurance coverage:

Check your policy carefully, A professional referral may be required. Some insurers will not cover neuropsychological evaluations. These exams, however, may be available as a mental health benefit.

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