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Hospitalization and illness bring new experiences for children and families. We know that these experiences often aren’t easy ones. A Child Life Specialist seeks to help pediatric patients and their families cope effectively with hospital and healthcare experiences while respecting individual developmental, emotional and social needs. The Child Life Specialist provides developmentally appropriate preparation for hospitalization and/or medical, surgical and diagnostic encounters; promotes a child-friendly and family-centered environment; and provides play opportunities and other activities that assist in helping a child feel “normal.” 

The Child Life Specialist can help the child:

  • Cope with new hospital experiences
  • Understand feelings brought by illness
  • Continue normal growth and development
  • Experience the hospital and clinic areas as being child and family friendly
  • Enjoy play opportunities, be prepared for procedures and have an advocate
  • Have a sense of choice and control

Please contact the Child and Adolescent Life Program at Duke Children's Hospital, at (919) 681-4349, for more information.





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