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Michael Gingell and grandson


Michael Gingell
British native
Father, grandfather, retired engineer, gardener.
With grandson, Ian Stone.

Type 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, diagnosed September 1999

"The Brain Tumor Center at Duke assessed the tumor, put me on radiation, performed surgery, followed by a year of chemotherapy. I'm an engineer by training and I found the mechanics of treatment facinating. My latest tests have shown no live cancer cells. My wife and I will soon celebrate our 40th anniversary. How lucky I am to have lived long enough to enjoy my first grandson. I send notes to my doctors in England. 'I'm still here,' I tell them."




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Hopeful Resources



Maintaining hope is not always easy. In times of crisis, you may need extra support and encouragement from your family, your health care team, and other survivors of brain tumors. Here are some resources that may help you maintain a positive outlook.