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Family Scrapbook | McDevitt Wins Tim Gullikson Spirit Award!

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Jennifer McDevitt

Each year, the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation selects a winner of the Tim Gullikson Spirit Award to honor co-founder, Tim Gullikson’s memory.

The Tim Gullikson Spirit Award is presented to a brain tumor patient, caregiver, volunteer, corporation or benefactor, that has embraced the fighting spirit and positive attitude that Tim used to battle—and live with—brain tumors, and in doing so, give hope to others. It recognizes someone who has shown extraordinary and unique courage, resourcefulness or ingenuity in battling the disease, or a person who makes an extraordinary effort to help fulfill the goals of the Foundation to assist brain tumor patients and their families as they deal with the illness.

This year’s winner is Jennifer McDevitt, whose story has also inspired an Energizer battery commercial and a Woman of the Year Endurance Sports Award, a national recognition from the Saucony Corporation.

After a diagnosis in 2003 of a malignant brain tumor, Ms. McDevitt took up a new hobby—marathon running. The accompanying photo was taken at the 17th mile of the 2006 Chicago marathon—McDevitt’s third since her diagnosis and a run that she accomplished while on chemotherapy. Says Ms. McDevitt, “Although (this) is probably not the most attractive photo, it means so much to me because I am smiling and most important I am alive.”

“Jen is a very special woman who deserves this recognition,” says Doug Eader, MPH, Clinical Research Coordinator at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke. “And she’s a patient on my protocol!”

The Gullikson award carries a $1,000 stipend, which McDevitt plans to donate to Duke because, as she says, “it is the only place it should go.”

Thanks, Jennifer! May you keep on going. And going. And going!

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