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Walter Ramsey

My name is Walter Ramsey, and on September 12, 2005, my life changed forever when  was told I have a brain tumor. I immediately had a shunt placed to relieve hydrocephalus, biopsy, and on November 8, 2005, tumor reduction. I was given the diagnosis of Anaplastic Astrocytoma in the cerebellum. I started a clinical trial at Duke in June of 2006, and am currently still taking part in the trial.

I live in Charleston, WV, with my wife, Kelly, and my two sons, Luke and Logan. I enjoy fishing and camping with my family, and going to Myrtle Beach, SC. I am a member of Big Bottom Missionary Baptist Church, Charleston, WV, and have great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and feel that he is still using me as a witness to show what the power of prayer can do in a person's life.

I believe that going to Duke for treatment was the best decision for me, and I'm doing well in the clinical trial and continue to improve and have stable MRI's every 8 weeks. When I first contacted Dr. Henry Friedman to look over my medical records, he told me that he had a treatment plan for me and if that didn't work, Duke had a whole arsenal of weapons to fight the cancer. I liked the aggressive approach to treatment, and believe the Lord has led me to Duke so I can continue to get better.

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